Dear handpan lovers, my summer break is over and I'm finally back to you!
I'm already hammering on new creations and soon i'll opening again my ordering list.
If you wish to know something more about my work and the Hamal evolution, come and find me at the handpan & global music fest.
Soooo, don't be shy and follow my news!

Here's the latest creation: Hamal F# minor. Click on the link below to listen an improvised performance we recorded today.

I'm excited to announce that HarmonicSculpture will be at Handpan & Global Music Festival | 3-4 September 2016

Evatec is the best choice to protect and carry your HarmonicSculpture, built with high quality innovative materials are a guarantee of solidity and durability, products and purchasing details can be found on the website.

Lug Loc utilizes GSM-GPRS Technologies to locate your luggage & Handpan Case around the world. Track your Handpan Case around the Airport World with LugLoc’s App, and your Device will communicate it’s location back to it to view in the map. 15 Days Battery work.